The Best Trees for Pool Landscaping

pool landscaping

A swimming pool is the ultimate backyard amenity. It provides a great way for families to cool down, relieve stress, and enjoy time outdoors with family and friends. Landscaping around a pool with vividly colored and/or native trees can go a long way in enhancing the relaxing, resort-like ambiance of a swimming pool, but they must be chosen carefully. The wrong tree choice could detract from your pool’s aesthetic value.

Choose trees that:

  • Add texture
  • Have minimal leaf drop
  • Have shallow root systems
  • Will flourish around the pool in your given climate
  • Are colorful and lush, turning your pool into an oasis
  • Meet your specific requirements (e.g., shade, beauty, privacy)

Some of the best trees for pool landscaping include: Hibiscus, Papyrus, Queen Palm, Bird of Paradise, Fortnight Lily, Day Lily, Heavenly Bamboo, Apaganthus, and Golden Euonymus. The worst trees for pool landscaping include: Ash, Cottonwood, Elm, Eucalyptus, Mulberry, Oak, Pine, Popular, and Walnut (among others).

Bamboo and hedges can create a natural privacy fence, enclosing the space, and creating even more shade. You should avoid trees that grow too fast, too tall or too spindly, as these trees are often prone to excessive leaf and limb loss. Additionally, there are many small perennials that can add continuous color without the mess, which can be planted in pots.

To add texture, install a variety of plant types, like combining ground cover with leafy and flowering trees around your pool landscaping. You’ll want to choose plants that are native to your zone, such as those listed on the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association website.

The goal here is to add visual appeal to your pool landscaping, as well as spend much of the summer in the water, not cleaning your pool of debris. For help designing your pool landscaping, contact Elite Landscaping at 602-390-4645 today.

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