Designing a Kid Friendly Backyard

SandboxWant a kid friendly backyard?  One where they can burn off all their extra energy?  All you need is a little imagination and the right tools to design your outdoor space to meet all of your landscaping needs and wants.

A kid friendly backyard, however, doesn’t mean you have to give up on making it attractive for you and your guests.

One thing to keep in mind when designing a kid friendly backyard is that no matter the design, your landscaping should provide ample safety zones, to ensure your peace of mind.  Read on for just a few of our landscaping ideas…

Play Structure

Play Structures

Play structures, such as backyard swing sets and clubhouses, can provide you with time to relax as your children spend hours entertaining themselves.  Kids can spend hours playing on the monkey bars, hanging out in the clubhouse with only their imagination, or simply swinging on the swings.

Backyard Beach

Sand provides one of the best time snatchers.  Before you know it you’ll be calling your little ones in for dinner; well that is of course; if you’re not already out there with them.  You can make your own backyard beach by dedicating a portion of your yard or opting to purchase a traditional sandbox.

Keeping it Safe

Avoid hard solid surfaces as well as cactus or other plants that can harm your kids should they accidentally collide with one of them.  Grass is a preferable play surface for kids of all ages.  Grass additionally requires very little maintenance.

If you have a play structure, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends placing shock-absorbing materials, at minimum 6 feet out from the play structure on both sides.  These materials include wood mulch or rubber.

Making it Happen

If you’d like to try these ideas, or any other idea, for designing your own kid friendly backyard please feel free to contact the professional designers at Elite Landscaping and Sprinkler Repair at (602) 390-4645.  We can develop a design that meets the needs of your family!Storage

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