Low Maintenance Landscaping Paradise

Low Maintenance Landscaping Plants

Take it from me: Even in a drought prone state like Arizona, paradise is possible, as long as you have a little imagination.

If you’re anything like the average American, you probably don’t spend a lot of time at home, right?  That’s what I figured.

So, what happens when you want a beautiful yard, but don’t have a lot of time to tend to it?  Design to the rescue!

With low maintenance landscaping plants and materials, not to mention a little extra start-up time, you can have a yard that can easily take care of itself for weeks on end without compromising curb appeal or comfort.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Idea #1: Do Away With Your Grass Lawn

Those of you that have grass lawns, are acutely aware of just how much time and of course water they require, in order to remain beautiful.  But grass lawns don’t have to be the end all!

In fact, there are several low maintenance options available that may suit your needs far better than a grass lawn ever could.

These options include decomposed granite, xeriscaping, ornamental grasses, rock gardens, artificial turf and clever hardscapes.  You can also opt to add beautiful fuss free decks around your property.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Idea #2: Select Water Wise Plants

Plants such as aeoniums, papyrus, cordylines, kangaroo paws and small palms thrive on very little water – you can actually use drip irrigation – and rarely need to be pruned or fertilized.

Depending on which plants you select, during Arizona’s dog days of summer, you may need to water them a little bit more – but overall most water wise plants are drought tolerant.

Make sure you only choose plants that have been specially designated for Arizona’s climate especially considering that water is a luxury.

Plants that are in tune with their environment can help minimize your need for watering them.

Low Maintenance Landscaping Idea #3: Add Pool Friendly Plants

The last thing any pool owner wants to see upon arriving home from work or play is leaves and debris in their pool.

Minimize your need for cleaning your pool by carefully selecting plants that will not shed their leaves or drop other debris into your pool’s water.

For more low maintenance landscaping ideas, please feel free to browse our website at www.elitesprinkler.com, or contact us directly at (602) 390-4645.

We look forward to the opportunity of helping you design your dream low maintenance landscaping!

Low Maintenance Landscaping Xeriscape

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