3 Helpful Hints Every Home Owner Should Read

  1. 3 Tips Every Homeowner Should KnowDevelop a well thought out plan that incorporates all your landscaping needs and establish a realistic budget before you contact a contractor.
  2. Create a list of items that are your highest priority and must be completed before moving forward with your landscaping project. (Example: Having gas and electrical lines installed prior to installation of your patio). Decide what items can be eliminated or addressed at a future date as your budget allows if necessary. Always keep in mind that some of these items such as low voltage lighting can be installed for less while the trenches are open and the project is in progress.
  3. Communicate clearly with your contractor during all phases of construction; discuss any concerns you way have prior to completion. Remember you are making an investment to your home and having a good relationship with your chosen contractor will save you time and money in the future.