Small Backyard Landscaping

small backyard landscaping, landscaping for small backyards
{Image Source: Fluteflute via Wikimedia Commons}

If your home is your castle, but the area right outside your backdoor looks something like a postage stamp in need of a landscaping miracle, you probably already know that you have a bit of work to do.

Your home’s small backyard was never meant to be abandoned and left barren.  In fact, it is an asset to your home – one that can even add thousands of dollars to your property’s value. {Source: Realestate.Com}

While conjuring up a landscaping miracle can sometimes be something of a challenge in a small backyard it is definitely worth the effort. And, although we are no magicians, we most certainly have a few tricks up our sleeves.

Landscaping Defined

First off, allow us to define what we mean by landscaping. Many homeowners’ are under the impression that grass and flowers are the only things they can add to their small backyard when in actuality there’s so much more to it.

Instead, think of your small backyard landscaping project as a horticulture environment that is enveloped by elements such as artificial lighting, fences, decks, fire-pits, built-in barbecues, natural rocks and other structures.

In order to conjure up a lasting, beautiful and valuable landscape in your small backyard it will take some planning and some patience as well as some resources.

Taking the time necessary to thoroughly plan and map out this precious space is sure to pay off in the long run. Just imagine sitting at your patio table, sipping on coffee or reading a book, while looking out at your beautiful new landscaping.

Things to Include

  • Functional and Decorative Lighting
  • Outdoor Seating Areas and Entertainment
  • Plenty of Shaded Areas
  • An Attractive Design

Start Today

Forget about how minuscule your backyard may be for a moment, and think about how lovely it will be to take the time to conjure up a great landscaping design that is sure to win your heart over.

If your budget presents limitations, you don’t have to invest all at once – you can stretch your small backyard landscaping over the course of months or even years. There’s no need to rush.

If you’d like more information on how our professional landscaping services can help transform your small backyard landscaping into something magical, please feel to contact Elite Landscaping and Sprinkler Repair at (602) 390-4645!

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